Maze Environmental

No Flare
reduced Emissions
More Oil

Through our products and technology, or with our consulting team’s extensive expertise with on-site emission reductions, our entire process works with your traditional operational system.

case study:
net profit to client: $1.5 Million
C02 Emissions reduced: 335,000 LBS

production uplift using
maze Environmental’s process

Emissions reduction for this facility using Maze Environmental’s process

330,000 LBS

We took a real operational facility in the field and retrofitted it with Maze Environmental’s proprietary process. Our technology allowed us to remote monitor the SCADA system in real time from anywhere.

We monitored this system over an 11-month period.

Our process can be implemented in any traditional operating system.

MAZE recently developed new technology that would minimize the flare-up of methane from oil wells

MAZE Environmental can “help solve the industry’s tank emissions issues and turn what used to be emissions into swelled oil and revenue”

MAZE’s stabilizer helps eliminate the need for oil field sites to use flares to reduce pressure

 The unique enhancements have proven to lower general operating pressures, reduce flame stacks and most importantly, reduce emissions.

The process has also shown to decrease oil “shrink” to increase net saleable oil and gas volumes.

MAZE Environmental’s innovative stabilizer technology is eliminating flaring and methane emissions for oil and gas producers.


From stabilizers and towers, to vapor recovery units and pump systems, our products are designed to work with your existing systems. Our entire process is designed as a real, practical solution to reduce greenhouse emissions from oil production sites.


MAZE’s system innovates and optimizes how pressure, temperature, pipe flow through equipment, and field operations work together. This is done while still maintaining a traditional operational system.


Maze Environmental’s team brings extensive emission reduction expertise to your production process. Our team custom tailors an emission reduction strategy to meet your current goals. From navigating production facility inspections, to facilitating oil swell strategies, we focus on what private equity funded businesses can learn from the supermajors.


Maze Environmental’s team can perform a wide range of services on your existing and future operational systems. We provide on-site observation and monitoring, consultations, quality control, and HYSYS modeling and analysis.


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Burning off your flare is the same as burning money. Maze captures that lost money while simultaneously reducing green house emissions. Our system costs less, reduces emissions, and yields more oil in the tank than traditional systems.

Brooks Pearce, CEO

Brooks Pearce has a background in design, fabrication, production, and consulting in the upstream oil and gas sector. He is focused on finding problem solving solutions for private equities. His skill and expertise can guide companies through facility inspections, emission reduction processes, oil swell strategies, and product implementation and revision.

Emission reduction can get expensive, quickly. Brooks Pearce, with his team at Maze Environmental, focus on giving clients a custom tailored and flexible solution to work with their existing operational system. This gives clients the best cost-effective strategy to achieve their environmental goals, while meeting standards and maintaining a positive CapEx.