Our product gets rid of flare emissions and waste from oil production sites. Your emissions go away in about 8 hours, it's that fast. This is a real, practical solution to reduce greenhouse emissions.

CO2 Emissions Terminated:


real data from a single operational unit


Meet Brooks Pearce, founder of Maze Environmental. He had an idea how to terminate CO2 emissions while saving companies money. Maze’s technology is a real, practical solution to reduce greenhouse emissions.

MAZE recently developed new technology that would minimize the flare-up of methane from oil wells

MAZE Environmental can “help solve the industry’s tank emissions issues and turn what used to be emissions into swelled oil and revenue”

MAZE’s stabilizer helps eliminate the need for oil field sites to use flares to reduce pressure

 The unique enhancements have proven to lower general operating pressures, reduce flame stacks and most importantly, reduce emissions.

The process has also shown to decrease oil “shrink” to increase net saleable oil and gas volumes.

MAZE Environmental’s innovative stabilizer technology is eliminating flaring and methane emissions for oil and gas producers.



How it works

MAZE's system innovates and optimizes how pressure, temperature, pipe flow through equipment, and field operations work together. This is done while still maintaining a traditional operational system.

More to Sell

Oil “shrink" is decreased, yielding increased oil in your tanks for you to sell.

safer facility

Overall pressures are reduced in the system, increasing your equipment's lifespan, and worker safety on site.


MAZE's system results in nearly eliminating stack flare and can reduce CO2 emissions from flaring by 100%, and can do so as quickly as 8 hours from implementation.

MAZE ENVIRONMENTAL increases cap-ex

Burning off your flare is the same as burning money. Maze captures that lost money while simultaneously reducing green house emissions. Our system costs less, reduces emissions, and yields more oil in the tank than traditional systems.

Brooks Pearce, CEO

"Maze Environmental is excited to help propel our world along the path to a clean energy future and continued prosperity. With American ingenuity, turns-out we don’t have to choose between the Earth and the economy. We need real, practical solutions -- and time is of the essence. These solutions will come from private sector innovation -- and Maze is ready to lead."