Our Next Gen Stabilization Process

No Flare - reduced emissions - More Oil

Maze Environmental has perfected and patented a new oil stabilizing process. Our technology reduces your emissions and can eliminate the need for flaring, while swelling your oil. You can see results in as little as 8 hours from implementation.

Through our technology, oil “shrink” is decreased, which increases the quantity of oil our clients are able to sell, netting you a higher ROI than a traditional system. It also results in a reduced overall system pressure which increases the equipment’s lifespan and improves worker safety on-site.

Maze Environmental is the only company with this solution.

case study:
net profit to client: $1.2 Million
C02 Emissions reduced: 1.3 Million LBS

production uplift using
maze Environmental’s process

Emissions reduction for this facility using Maze Environmental’s process

1.3M LBS 97%

We took a real operational facility in the field and retrofitted it with Maze Environmental’s proprietary process. Our technology allowed us to remote monitor the SCADA system in real time from anywhere.

We monitored this system over an 11-month period.

Our process can be implemented in any traditional operating system.


Oil “shrink” is decreased, yielding increased oil in your tanks for you to sell.


Overall pressures are reduced in the system, increasing your equipment’s lifespan, and worker safety on site.


MAZE’s system results in nearly eliminating stack flare and can reduce CO2 emissions from flaring by 100%, and can do so as quickly as 8 hours from implementation.

Increased CapEx

Burning off your flare is the same as burning money. Maze captures that lost money while simultaneously reducing green house emissions. Our system costs less, reduces emissions, and yields more oil in the tank than traditional systems.

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