About Us

Who We Are

Maze Environmental is an EPCM company in the oil and gas industry, specializing in consulting, manufacturing, and custom-tailoring CO2 emissions reduction technology to meet the our client’s goals.

From the beginning of each project, our team works together to establish a specific strategy for each unique scope.

This provides an unmatched, fully turn-key approach in the upstream and midstream sectors. Our turn-key services in project management, construction, engineering design, drafting, procurement, quality, and safety are all operated and employed by Maze Environmental.

We have successfully managed hundreds of locations and execute projects on-time and in-budget.

Headquartered in Midland, Texas, we have offices in Round Mountain, Texas, and Hobbs, New Mexico.


Maze Environmental provides a full array of engineering, fabrication, construction, project management, I&E and automation services — all operated in-house. This fully turn-key approach provides our clients with the highest quality and unmatched quality.

Our Story

Maze Environmental has its roots in the upstream fabrication industry. Maze’s founder, Brooks Pearce, emerged in the upstream business and worked his way up from pumper to CEO. In that time, he noticed every single company had their own methods to do the same thing. Brooks had an idea to create a standardization system for the upstream industry.

Brooks took his team of engineers and began designing a system to standardize the process. He had hopes to create better cost-effective ways of doing the same job every day. His goal was not to use anything new. Everything his team designed had to be familiar and work with existing systems.

They used the same equipment, and started by simply changing the process, and that led to lower operating pressures, which then led to using different temperatures, and then to modifications in pipe flow. In this process, Brooks and his team began creating a next generation heater treater that swelled oil.

But the process they designed had another effect. The designs showed there was a good chance the process could result in zero emissions from flaring. That’s when Brooks founded Maze Environmental, because what he ended up with was a simple solution to the industry’s greenhouse gas waste and emissions.

Brooks patented and perfected the designs, and with the next generation heater treater, Maze Environmental is the only company with the technology to stabilize oil in this method.

After all that it only made sense to pull together all the other skills that Brooks had perfected over the years. Today, Maze Environmental is a full-service engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM) company that is pioneering methane reduction technology in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Brooks PEarce, Founder & CE0

Brooks Pearce has a background in design, fabrication, production, and consulting in the upstream oil and gas sector. He is focused on finding problem solving solutions for private equities. His skill and expertise can guide companies through facility inspections, emission reduction processes, oil swell strategies, and product implementation and revision.

Emission reduction can get expensive, quickly. Brooks Pearce, with his team at Maze Environmental, focus on giving clients a custom tailored and flexible solution to work with their existing operational system. This gives clients the best cost-effective strategy to achieve their environmental goals, while meeting standards and maintaining a positive CapEx.